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Ex-Pat Tax Issues

Ex-Pat Tax Issues 739 416 Greg Ellifritz

My favorite Mexican expat travel bloggers at Two Expats Mexico recently published a couple of great articles about tax issues for those of you who live in another country.


The first covers tax reporting requirements for US citizens who have foreign bank accounts.

What Americans With Foreign Bank Accounts Should Know About Annual Reporting Requirements


The second covers the extremely valuable foreign earned income exclusion.  So long as you are an American citizen living full time in another country (defined by being outside the USA 330 days or more in a calandar year) you are exempt from US income tax on the first $107K of your income.


What Americans Working Abroad Should Know About Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Crime Rates in Mexico

Crime Rates in Mexico 777 437 Greg Ellifritz

I’ve vacationed in Mexico almost two dozen  times. I’m going back down there in a few weeks as it is one of the few places that is open unimpeded to American travelers.  Whenever I go, everyone asks me “is it safe?”


The answer always depends on where you are staying and what activities you are participating in.


Here is a nice interactive crime map that shows which Mexican states have higher than average crime rates and how those rates have changed over time

Useful Site to Research Crime Statistics for Mexico


The post is from the Two Expats Mexico website.  I find the site exceptionally useful for information about traveling or living in Mexico from a couple of Americans who moved there.  They also put out additional content on Patreon.


I am one of their Patreon supporters and I’d encourage you to check them out.