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Living in Romania

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In continuing my series of articles for people who want to live full time in another country, I stumbled upon this article about ex-pat life in Romania.


The Cost of Living in Romania as an Expat


I haven’t ever visited Romania, but I will certainly try to get there in the next few years.  It looks like a very pleasant country.  With costs of living about 50% of those in the USA, it might be a cheap way to live on a fixed income in another country’s currency.

Ex-Pat Tax Issues

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My favorite Mexican expat travel bloggers at Two Expats Mexico recently published a couple of great articles about tax issues for those of you who live in another country.


The first covers tax reporting requirements for US citizens who have foreign bank accounts.

What Americans With Foreign Bank Accounts Should Know About Annual Reporting Requirements


The second covers the extremely valuable foreign earned income exclusion.  So long as you are an American citizen living full time in another country (defined by being outside the USA 330 days or more in a calandar year) you are exempt from US income tax on the first $107K of your income.


What Americans Working Abroad Should Know About Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

Ex-Pat Voting Advice

Ex-Pat Voting Advice 768 529 Greg Ellifritz

The presidential election campaign is heating up in the United States.  As a continuing feature for my American readers living abroad, I’ll share some tips and tricks for expats.


How do you vote in the US election if you are living full or part time in a different country?  The article linked below explains all the options.  I found it quite educational.


How to Vote from Abroad: 3 EASY Steps!



The Best Countries for Preppers?

The Best Countries for Preppers? 597 614 Greg Ellifritz

If you are looking at permanently relocating to another country, this article does a deep dive on 12 factors that you may want to consider.

The Best Countries for Preppers: 12 Factors to Consider


According to the article, these are the 12 most important factors to consider before your move.

  1. Culture and language
  2. Cost of living
  3. Political stability
  4. Economic stability
  5. Real estate cost
  6. Crime
  7. Laws
  8. Climate and weather extremes
  9. Cost and Quality of Medical Care
  10. Taxation
  11. Pollution and environmental factors
  12. Endemic disease


The article discusses each factor individually.


I’m betting my readers would be most interested in moving to another country to reduce their cost of living.  Here are the 50 cheapest countries in which to live.  I’ve visited 10 of the 50.  I could live in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, or Vietnam.  I don’t think I’d like to live in many of the others.



The other issue driving many of my readers’ decisions is that of gun ownership.  Very few countries have gun laws like the USA.



The article is a good one.  Check it out if you are considering living in another country.



Remote Work Visas

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If you want to truly live in another country, you’ll likely need something other than the standard tourist visa.  Getting work visas and/or official residency has long been a difficult process in a lot of places.


If you are a freelancer or “Digital Nomad” you may be able to apply for a newer class of remote work visas that will allow you to live in your country of choice a little longer.


The Expert Vagabond details the process of obtaining one of these visas in 10 different countries.  Check out the information at the link below.

10 Countries With Digital Nomad & Remote Work Visas


Living in India?

Living in India? 600 400 Greg Ellifritz

A lot of the folks who contact me with regards to my book are people who are interested in permanently moving to another country.  Most are interested in finding a cheaper life in the developing world.


To provide information for this crowd, I’m starting a new series of articles with a focus on who ex-pats live their lives in other countries.


I’m going to kick my article series off with this post about India.


The Cost of Living in India as an Expat


I’ve never been there myself.  The culture and the crowding doesn’t really appeal to me.  With that said, if you live like a local, you can make your social security check go a very long way.


If you are interested in life in India, check out the link.