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Second Passports

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Some of my readers peruse my site because they are looking to acquire either residency or citizenship in other countries.  The desire to get another passport may be to achieve more freedom, relief from taxation, or easier availability of certain foreign visas.


I recently listened to a podcast that does a great job discussing options for a second passport.  If you are interested in the topic, click the link below.


Katie the Russian on Plan B Passports – Epi-3170


Geoarbitrage? 750 500 Greg Ellifritz

Have you ever heard of the term “geoarbitrage?”  It’s a money saving lifestyle where one earns money in American dollars (or some other Western currency) while living in a country with a much cheaper standard of living.  It allows people to enjoy a much higher standard of living than they could enjoy if they stayed in their home country.

My friend Daisy has a great article on the concept.  I’m going to be employing this strategy more and more in my retirement.


Is Geoarbitrage a Lifestyle Option for You?

South American Gun Laws

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Many of my readers are interested in firearms and self defense.  I regularly encounter Americans who believe that citizens of other countries can’t legally own defensive firearms.  That opinion is incorrect.

While gun ownership in countries outside the USA is generally a for more involved process than what is required to buy a gun in the USA, citizens of many other countries can own (and sometimes carry) firearms if they jump through all the right hoops.

I found the article below to be an informative comparison of gun laws in six large Latin American countries.  If you are interested in the gun laws in South America, check it out.


Gun Laws in Latin America’s Six Largest Economies


You may also enjoy Revolver Guy’s article Guns in Brazil.


Second Passport?

Second Passport? 500 276 Greg Ellifritz

The article linked below is the best summary I’ve found with regards to your options for acquiring a second passport.  Their flowchart is refreshingly clear and easy to follow.


Why might you want a second passport?  According to the article “A second passport is your best insurance against any out-of-control government.


How to Get a Second Passport


Nomad Capitalist Citizenship by Descent Series

Nomad Capitalist Citizenship by Descent Series 900 600 Greg Ellifritz

The Nomad Capitalist has a great six-part series on how to obtain citizenship by descent in different countries.  If I had relatives that made me eligible for this process, I would most certainly go through it.  Alas, I do not.


How to Obtain Greek Citizenship By Descent


How to Obtain Croatian Citizenship By Descent


How to Obtain German Citizenship By Descent


How to Obtain Ukrainian Citizenship By Descent


How to Obtain Spanish Citizenship By Descent




On the same topic, Travel and Leisure has a summary article detailing the process for a few more countries.  Check out:

You Can Get a Second Passport If You Have a Grandparent From One of These Countries (Video)




Best and Worst Cities for Expats

Best and Worst Cities for Expats 1259 530 Greg Ellifritz

Wonder what cities you might want to live in if you move out of your home country?


“InterNations has released its ranking of the best and worst cities for expats to live in, based on surveys on 25 aspects of urban life, such as Leisure & Climate, Local Friendliness, Housing, Transportation, Job & Career, Finance, Health & Environment, Work-Life Balance, Safety & Politics, and more.”


Here is their list.


The best and worst cities in the world for expats in 2020



I’ve been to four of the top 10.  I think I could live in all four (even if Buenos Aires is a bit sketchy in places).


I’ve also been to four of the worst 10.  Of those four, there is only one (Santiago) that I would consider moving to.


I’ve stayed in 12 of the cities in the middle.  I could probably live in a couple of them, but none would be at the top of my list.


Check out the article and find your future residence.

Health Care in Mexico

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Mexico is a prime destination for American expats.


My favorite Mexican ex-pat blogger recently posted an incredible resource for people living in or visiting Mexico.


Great Site to Find Doctors in Mexico, Check Reviews, Compare Prices and Schedule Appointments


This will make finding and booking good medical care much easier for those of you spending time in Mexico.

Can You Find a Country That is Both Cheap and Safe?

Can You Find a Country That is Both Cheap and Safe? 1172 375 Greg Ellifritz

The Nomad Capitalist attempted to address this issue in an article and video.


The Cheapest and Safest Countries to Live In


A lot of their suggestions are in Eastern Europe.  I have zero experience in that area (hopefully rectified soon), so I can’t weigh in there.

With regards to places I’ve visited, I think I could live safely for less than $2000 a month in the following countries:










I’d also consider Costa Rica, Chile, Singapore, and Belize as safe locations, but they may require a little more money to live a lifestyle similar to what you may be used to.

Check out the article for another take on the issue.



Living in Romania

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In continuing my series of articles for people who want to live full time in another country, I stumbled upon this article about ex-pat life in Romania.


The Cost of Living in Romania as an Expat


I haven’t ever visited Romania, but I will certainly try to get there in the next few years.  It looks like a very pleasant country.  With costs of living about 50% of those in the USA, it might be a cheap way to live on a fixed income in another country’s currency.

Ex-Pat Tax Issues

Ex-Pat Tax Issues 739 416 Greg Ellifritz

My favorite Mexican expat travel bloggers at Two Expats Mexico recently published a couple of great articles about tax issues for those of you who live in another country.


The first covers tax reporting requirements for US citizens who have foreign bank accounts.

What Americans With Foreign Bank Accounts Should Know About Annual Reporting Requirements


The second covers the extremely valuable foreign earned income exclusion.  So long as you are an American citizen living full time in another country (defined by being outside the USA 330 days or more in a calandar year) you are exempt from US income tax on the first $107K of your income.


What Americans Working Abroad Should Know About Foreign Earned Income Exclusion