Mexican Gun Laws

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The gun laws in Mexico are not quite as restrictive as you imagine.  While in general, Latin American gun laws are more strict than those in the USA, fewer guns does not equal less crime.


Here is a great analysis of Mexican gun laws from an American ex-pat living in Mexico.  The author is a retired police officer from Florida.


Answers to Common Questions About Gun Laws in Mexico



French Gun Laws

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With my passion for foreign travel, I’m always curious about the gun laws in other countries.  Here is a lot of information about how things work in France.  Many Americans assume that it is impossible to own a gun in European, African, or South American countries.  It is not.  While there are usually far more hoops to jump through to get a gun than in the USA, gun ownership is certainly possible in most foreign countries.



Overview of French Gun Laws


South American Gun Laws

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Many of my readers are interested in firearms and self defense.  I regularly encounter Americans who believe that citizens of other countries can’t legally own defensive firearms.  That opinion is incorrect.

While gun ownership in countries outside the USA is generally a for more involved process than what is required to buy a gun in the USA, citizens of many other countries can own (and sometimes carry) firearms if they jump through all the right hoops.

I found the article below to be an informative comparison of gun laws in six large Latin American countries.  If you are interested in the gun laws in South America, check it out.


Gun Laws in Latin America’s Six Largest Economies


You may also enjoy Revolver Guy’s article Guns in Brazil.


US Knife Laws

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Most of this blog focuses on foreign travel.  With that said, I realize a lot of you prefer to travel in the USA instead.  If your destination state does not have a reciprocity agreement with your home state in regards to concealed carry, many of you will choose to carry a knife for self protection in lieu of your firearm.


It may be useful to know each state’s knife laws before you carry there.


Staying out of jail is a good thing.


Knife Laws and Regulations of All 50 States