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European Car Rental?

European Car Rental? 150 150 Greg Ellifritz

When I travel, I rarely rent cars.  Driving is a hassle in many countries.  Driving is exceptionally dangerous in others.  For me, relying on public transportation has always been my go-to method for foreign travel.

With that said, I realize some of my readers would rather have the freedom associated with renting their own cars on vacation.  If you are moving around a lot on your holiday, it may be more convenient to drive yourself.

I found this article to be exceptionally valuable.  It covers all aspects of European car rental.  Most of the tips are also useful for other continents as well.  If you are considering renting a car in a foreign country, it will be a useful resources.


Everything You Need To Know Before Renting A Car In Europe


Finding “Mistake” Airfares

Finding “Mistake” Airfares 900 600 Greg Ellifritz

Sometimes the airlines screw up.  When that happens, the budget traveler is often able to capitalize on the error.


How do you find mistake fares?  Read the article below for some good tips.


How To Save Money On Flights With Mistake Fares

Remote Work Visas

Remote Work Visas 1200 800 Greg Ellifritz

If you want to truly live in another country, you’ll likely need something other than the standard tourist visa.  Getting work visas and/or official residency has long been a difficult process in a lot of places.


If you are a freelancer or “Digital Nomad” you may be able to apply for a newer class of remote work visas that will allow you to live in your country of choice a little longer.


The Expert Vagabond details the process of obtaining one of these visas in 10 different countries.  Check out the information at the link below.

10 Countries With Digital Nomad & Remote Work Visas


Travel Scam Compendium

Travel Scam Compendium 150 150 Greg Ellifritz

The chapter on scams and hustles in my book generates more positive feedback than any other.  I’m actually working on expanding that information and turning it into an entirely different book later this year.


Until then, you’ll have to suffice with learning everything you can from articles like this one.


15 Common Travel Scams (And How To Avoid Them)


If you travel at all outside of the USA, it would be smart to read up on these common scams that target foreigners.  I’ve seen many of them in my travels.  If you are interested in the topic, tay tuned for my next book!