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Travel Scam Compendium

Travel Scam Compendium 150 150 Greg Ellifritz

The chapter on scams and hustles in my book generates more positive feedback than any other.  I’m actually working on expanding that information and turning it into an entirely different book later this year.


Until then, you’ll have to suffice with learning everything you can from articles like this one.


15 Common Travel Scams (And How To Avoid Them)


If you travel at all outside of the USA, it would be smart to read up on these common scams that target foreigners.  I’ve seen many of them in my travels.  If you are interested in the topic, tay tuned for my next book!




Escaping Criminal Restraint

Escaping Criminal Restraint 150 150 Greg Ellifritz

Learning how to escape criminal restraints is an important skill for every traveler to have.  This video and their follow-up video on escaping zip ties are two of the best tutorials on the subject that are currently available.  Take the time to watch and learn.



And the guys from Sierra Whisky Co. sent me some of their “underwear for gun guys.”  It’s very comfortable and exceptionally light weight.  Highly recommended.  It’s should probably be called “underwear for travelers” because it’s roughly half the packed size and weight of the quick-drying Ex Officio underwear I usually pack for foreign travels.




Worried About Kidnapping?

Worried About Kidnapping? 993 330 Greg Ellifritz

In the article below, a former Mexican counter-narcotics agent describes the latest worldwide kidnapping trends.  The article is especially useful for those of you who travel to Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Take the time to give this article a serious read.  If you are a traveler, the information it contains is absolutely vital.

Ed Calderon Sheds Light on Kidnapping & Abduction Trends




Pickpockets 600 150 Greg Ellifritz

Pickpocketing is incredibly common in Europe as well as in the developing world.  It’s likely the single most common crime committed against tourists.


Check out the link below.  It contains a comprehensive guide to pickpocketing tactics.  Pay extra attention to all of the distractions listed in the article.  Those are the ones that tend to be very successful against most people.

How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed


Virtual Kidnapping

Virtual Kidnapping 1000 1000 Greg Ellifritz


Virtual kidnapping is a growing trend.  Travelers (especially those traveling in Latin America) should understand how the process works and educate family members back home so they don’t get scammed.


The article linked below goes into some of the basics of how virtual kidnappings happen.


Virtual Kidnapping


If you want some additional information on the topic, check out my book.  I have an entire chapter on virtual and express kidnappings.