Travel Hacking?

Travel Hacking?

Travel Hacking? 1196 399 Greg Ellifritz

There are dozens of websites and books dedicated to the fine art of “travel hacking.”  A travel hacker often tries to game airline, hotel, and rental car “loyalty” programs to get free trips.


I travel a lot.  I think travel hacking is a waste of time.  I don’t even belong to any airline frequent flyer benefit programs.  For me, the money I save wouldn’t be worth the hassle involved in the process.  I like my freedom and don’t want to be tied down to a single airline or hotel chain.


My opinion is the minority in the travel world.  I’m glad someone else recognizes that travel hacking isn’t always the best way to do business.


“Let me tell you what you do – this is the new travel hacking I’ve adopted as someone living the Nomad Capitalist lifestyle: when you go to book a ticket or hotel, you take out your wallet, look at your credit card number, and then you simply pay the full price. 

That’s my new way of travel hacking.”


Read the article below for more details.


The New Travel Hacking For Nomad Capitalists


You may not agree with my opinion.  That’s OK.  If you are going to “travel hack” your way to cheaper vacations, do it right.  Join the Facebook groups described in this article.