Tourist Visas

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Visa requirements can be a real pain in the ass for world travelers.  Every country is different.  Some do not require visas.  Some provide visas on arrival.  Some require that you send your passport to the country’s embassy to apply for a visa before you travel.


The article below covers almost all the issues you might need to understand with regards to foreign visas.  Read it and learn.


The Longest Tourist Visas for U.S.A Citizens, How to Extend Visas and More



Second Passports and Long Term Visas

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Did you know that there are some countries that will give you a passport after you invest a significant amount of money in the local economy or pay a large fee?


Having an extra passport may reduce the hassles in traveling to certain countries that require visas from Americans.  Read the article below to learn about the process.


How To Get A Second Passport By The End of 2020


If you want to live in another country without buying a passport, your best bet is probably a long-term “digital nomad’ visa.  More and more countries are making these visas available.  Read more about that process below.


Countries with Digital Nomad Visas: The Complete List


Remote Work Visas

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If you want to truly live in another country, you’ll likely need something other than the standard tourist visa.  Getting work visas and/or official residency has long been a difficult process in a lot of places.


If you are a freelancer or “Digital Nomad” you may be able to apply for a newer class of remote work visas that will allow you to live in your country of choice a little longer.


The Expert Vagabond details the process of obtaining one of these visas in 10 different countries.  Check out the information at the link below.

10 Countries With Digital Nomad & Remote Work Visas