Real Venezuela

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I’m not much of a YouTube watcher, but this Venezuelan travel documentary sucked me in.  I highly recommend that you check it out if you would like to see the reality of life for Venezuelans.

Venezuela is the one Latin American country I haven’t visited.  I regret not going there 15 years ago when it was much safer.


2 WEEKS IN VENEZUELA (full documentary)


South American Gun Laws

South American Gun Laws 702 501 Greg Ellifritz

Many of my readers are interested in firearms and self defense.  I regularly encounter Americans who believe that citizens of other countries can’t legally own defensive firearms.  That opinion is incorrect.

While gun ownership in countries outside the USA is generally a for more involved process than what is required to buy a gun in the USA, citizens of many other countries can own (and sometimes carry) firearms if they jump through all the right hoops.

I found the article below to be an informative comparison of gun laws in six large Latin American countries.  If you are interested in the gun laws in South America, check it out.


Gun Laws in Latin America’s Six Largest Economies


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