No More “Emotional Support Animals” on Airplanes

No More “Emotional Support Animals” on Airplanes 859 483 Greg Ellifritz

Effective today, the TSA has banned “emotional support animals” from flying.


Say goodbye to emotional-support animals in airplane cabins


According to the article:

“The agency said Wednesday that it was rewriting the rules partly because passengers carrying unusual animals on board “eroded the public trust in legitimate service animals.” It also cited the increasing frequency of people “fraudulently representing their pets as service animals,” and a rise in misbehavior by emotional-support animals.”


Leave your emotional support penguins home, folks.

TSA Changes

TSA Changes 670 300 Greg Ellifritz


TSA Will Start Taking Your Photo At Security Checkpoints


More security theater from our TSA.  Be prepared to be photographed the next time you go through airport security.