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No More “Emotional Support Animals” on Airplanes

No More “Emotional Support Animals” on Airplanes 859 483 Greg Ellifritz

Effective today, the TSA has banned “emotional support animals” from flying.


Say goodbye to emotional-support animals in airplane cabins


According to the article:

“The agency said Wednesday that it was rewriting the rules partly because passengers carrying unusual animals on board “eroded the public trust in legitimate service animals.” It also cited the increasing frequency of people “fraudulently representing their pets as service animals,” and a rise in misbehavior by emotional-support animals.”


Leave your emotional support penguins home, folks.

Faked Covid-19 Tests

Faked Covid-19 Tests 670 300 Greg Ellifritz

Check out the two articles linked below.  There seems to be a cottage industry producing paperwork for fake negative Covid-19 tests.

Passengers Are Faking Negative Covid Tests In Order To Travel


95% Of Passengers On One Flight Faked Their Negative Covid-19 Tests


I predict that in the future making faked Covid-19 test results and vaccinations will be a profitable enterprise.


Besides the fraud, there are lots of other reasons why requiring testing before boarding a flight would be a really bad idea.

World’s Cheapest Travel Destinations

World’s Cheapest Travel Destinations 570 244 Greg Ellifritz

It’s a myth that exotic world travel is too expensive for most people.


Airfare is expensive, but when you get to some of these countries, you will be paying $10-$20 a night for a hotel and $3 per meal.


When everything is factored in, it’s often far cheaper than a visit to Disneyland.  I’ve been to most of these destinations.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Bolivia, but the others were awesome.



6 Of The World’s Cheapest Destinations To Travel To On A Budget


Begpacking? 470 301 Greg Ellifritz

Have you heard of the latest “begpacking” trend?  It’s when a Western tourist runs out of money in a foreign country and sets up as a beggar asking locals for money.  What a strange phenomenon!


I can’t say that I’ve seen this more than a couple times in my travels.


For more information, take a look at this article that describes the practice in Thailand.


Begpacking is shameless behaviour that is outlawed in Thailand and poisons goodwill between cultures


Ignorant, ‘cool’ trend continues

Despite this, this ignorance is now a ‘cool’ trend among hip young millennials some of whom continue to come to Thailand. The activities are insulting to the occupations of Thai men and women as well as their right to a livelihood in their own country, something many of these young people have no understanding of apparently. It also, inherently, deeply disrespectful to the laws of the kingdom.”


I haven’t been to Thailand since 2013.  With their crazy Covid-19 restrictions, it doesn’t look like I’ll be going back anytime soon.  I’ll give you a “begpacking” update the next time I make it to Asia.



Generational Travel Differences

Generational Travel Differences 700 394 Greg Ellifritz

Some very funny and painfully accurate realities shared through humorous drawings.  They will make you laugh.




Boomers vs. Gen Z Traveling Internationally