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Female Travel Safety Tips

Female Travel Safety Tips 768 1024 Greg Ellifritz

This is quality safety advice for solo female travelers.  Male travelers would benefit by following most of these rules as well.


31 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers from the Experts


Understanding the “Collective Mood”

Understanding the “Collective Mood” 300 139 Greg Ellifritz

I occasionally am asked how I assess the relative safety of the areas I inhabit when I travel to third world countries.


Different customs and language change societal norms, but these factors remain relatively constant no matter where you are in the world.


Take a look at this article and learn how to assess the baseline.  It will help you make  good decisions.


The techniques are recommended by the authors of Left of Bang, an excellent book to check out if you want to learn more about baseline behavior profiling.


The Collective Mood and You