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Additional Step to Leave Cancun Starting Today

Additional Step to Leave Cancun Starting Today 683 576 Greg Ellifritz

Starting today, any travelers visiting the Mexican state of Q. Roo (Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Tuluum) have to pay an $11 departure tax before leaving.  This tax IS NOT included in your plane ticket like most other taxes.

You can either pay the tax online or at an airport kiosk.  See the article below for more details.


Visitors To Cancun Must Pay New Tourist Tax Starting April 1

European Train Travel

European Train Travel 719 677 Greg Ellifritz

I’ve done overnight trains in South America and South East Asia.  I think it’s actually a pretty fun way to travel (if you bring your own food and alcohol).

I would certainly do some of these new European routes.  Check out the article below to see how sleeper train service is being improved in Europe.


New Sleeper Train Services Announced Across Europe

Second Passports and Long Term Visas

Second Passports and Long Term Visas 700 430 Greg Ellifritz

Did you know that there are some countries that will give you a passport after you invest a significant amount of money in the local economy or pay a large fee?


Having an extra passport may reduce the hassles in traveling to certain countries that require visas from Americans.  Read the article below to learn about the process.


How To Get A Second Passport By The End of 2020


If you want to live in another country without buying a passport, your best bet is probably a long-term “digital nomad’ visa.  More and more countries are making these visas available.  Read more about that process below.


Countries with Digital Nomad Visas: The Complete List