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Foreign Uber Scams

Foreign Uber Scams 824 513 Greg Ellifritz

My traveling friends will like this article. In foreign countries, taxi overcharges and scams are the single most likely hassles a tourist is likely to experience. Uber has been a game changer. I use it in almost every country I visit now. It eliminates both the overcharging “gringo tax” fare and all of the scams associated with exchanging cash with the cabbie.


Unfortunately, Uber isn’t the most common ride sharing app available in some countries. here is a complete list of all of the Uber-like services available in other countries. Bookmark this one and check it out before you make your next international trip.



While ride-sharing services reduce the opportunity for scams, some unethical drivers will still try to cheat you. Educate yourself about what’s going on in the country you are visiting.  Make those criminal taxi and Uber drivers earn their money.

Make Sure This Uber Scam Doesn’t Happen to You


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