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Defeating Zip Ties

Defeating Zip Ties 900 713 Greg Ellifritz

An informative infographic about escaping zip tie restraints.  This is useful, but the best advice I can provide is to AVOID BEING RESTRAINED!  I don’t care if there are five guys with rifles pointed at my head, it’s time to fight.  Nothing good can happen after the restraints are applied.


3 Ways to Escape Zip Ties: An Illustrated Guide



Pickpockets 600 150 Greg Ellifritz

Pickpocketing is incredibly common in Europe as well as in the developing world.  It’s likely the single most common crime committed against tourists.


Check out the link below.  It contains a comprehensive guide to pickpocketing tactics.  Pay extra attention to all of the distractions listed in the article.  Those are the ones that tend to be very successful against most people.

How to Avoid Getting Pickpocketed