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Evaluating Physical Threat Cues

Evaluating Physical Threat Cues 960 696 Greg Ellifritz

The author of this article provides 20 tips to better physically size up an opponent when threatened.

I’m not sure all of them are 100% valid, but many of his points match my experiences.  The “high walker” that he talks about may or may not be a good striker.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that A LOT of really good wrestlers walk like that.  I wouldn’t automatically discount the “high walker” as being ineffective in a fight.

If you like the author’s writing style, you can check out his unique books on


‘Sizing Up a Stranger’ 20 Physicality Cues as to the Abilities of the Unknown Aggressor



Watching Cops

Watching Cops 350 285 Greg Ellifritz

I get a lot of questions about how to assess relative safety in a foreign country.  I wrote a significant portion of a chapter in my book discussing the topic.  Here is some more information.


James LaFond writes a lot of material from a very unique viewpoint. It’s not stuff that you see every day.  This article is about how to watch police patrol patterns to get a better idea of your neighborhood’s safety.  It is equally as useful here at home as it is in the developing world.


Watching Cops: Using Observable Police Activity to Assess the Risk Level of an Urban Locale





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