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Back Injuries in Remote Environments

Back Injuries in Remote Environments 150 150 Greg Ellifritz

Your companion slipped and fell while hiking.  He may have a back injury.  How do you decide whether it is safe for him to walk out or if you need to medically evacuate?  This article gives some good suggestions for field level spinal clearances if help is far away.


Anyone who participates in athletic pursuits in third world countries without a quality EMS system should understand this information.


Backcountry Emergencies: Why You Should Learn How To Identify Spinal Injuries




Securing a Hotel Room

Securing a Hotel Room 1000 512 Greg Ellifritz

When most of you travel, you stay in a hotel or rental house.  Have you ever considered how you might best secure your rented dwelling?  The following article provides you some good tips and is worth your read.


Checking In: Securing Your Hotel Room Against Attacks and Intrusion



Wound Cleaning in Austere Environments

Wound Cleaning in Austere Environments 800 450 Greg Ellifritz

Many of you might not have a well equipped medical bag that you carry on your travels.  What if you cut yourself and don’t have accesses to definitive medical care?  What if you don’t have chemical wound disinfectants like alcohol or hydrogen peroxide?


The proper cleaning of wounds is of critical importance, especially in austere conditions where there are limited (or non-existent) supplies of chemical disinfectants or antibiotics.  With proper irrigation, chemical disinfectants and antibiotics aren’t likely to be necessary.  It takes about one liter of water under pressure per inch length of wound.   Here are some more tips on how to do it right.


Antediluvian Methods? An Evidence-Based Approach to Wound Irrigation


You may also fine the information below valuable.


Wound Cleaning is One of the Most Important Skills to Know


This article is guide for cleaning and dressing wounds in the field.  When you don’t have the luxury of a hospital nearby, preventing infection is extremely important.