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Swedish Gun Laws

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I love to travel.  I also love guns.  This is a neat series that talks about the legalities of owning and carrying weapons in other countries.  In this case, the foreign country is Sweden.  While many people think that European countries have an outright ban on guns, that isn’t entirely true.  Watch the short video to see what kind of legal obstacles the Swedes have to hurdle in order to own a firearm.



Overview of Swedish Gun Laws


French Gun Laws

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With my passion for foreign travel, I’m always curious about the gun laws in other countries.  Here is a lot of information about how things work in France.  Many Americans assume that it is impossible to own a gun in European, African, or South American countries.  It is not.  While there are usually far more hoops to jump through to get a gun than in the USA, gun ownership is certainly possible in most foreign countries.



Overview of French Gun Laws


The Ubiquitous RPG-7

The Ubiquitous RPG-7 768 1024 Greg Ellifritz

If you spend any time in third world conflict zones, you will likely see people carrying (and maybe using) the RPG-7.


I actually got the chance to shoot one of these in Cambodia.  Read my article titled Adventures with RPGs and Hand Grenades for more details of that unique experience.


If you are traveling in areas where these things are prevalent, you should probably know how they work.  Ian from Forgotten Weapons provides you with the basic information in the video below.


RPG-7: How it Works and a Demo Shot