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Foreign Food Etiquette

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Don’t make a culinary faux pas.  Read the article below to learn about how dining customs vary across cultures.


An International guide to food and eating etiquette


Learn Some Chinese

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I think it’s really important for all travelers to learn at least a few words of the language spoken in their vacation destination countries.  There are lots of good ways to learn.  I prefer using either DuoLingo or The Pimsleur Audio lessons.

You can also learn some words the original way, by simply studying them.


The link below is a great resource for learning some elementary Chinese before your next trip to Asia.


108 Basic Chinese Words: Essential Chinese Vocab for Beginners



Spanish Language Basics

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I just got back from Mexico.  It’s one of the few countries that is open to travelers arriving from America.  If you know a little bit of Spanish down there, your interactions will be much more pleasant.


I’ve mentioned the language site Fluent in 3 Months here before.  It’s a great language reference.  They posted a very thorough article last week covering Spanish greetings.  If you learn most of these you will be able to start communicating with the locals in their own tongue.  Check out the article below.

Hello in Spanish: “¡Hola!” and 70+ More Spanish Greetings for All Occasions


If you are more proficient in Spanish, or are just looking for some more spicy Spanish phrases to learn, you may want to read Live Lingua’s Guatemalan Slang Terms.


Beyond these articles, if you would like to learn a language in a more structured fashion, I would highly recommend the Pimsleur audio language lessons.  I’ve used their Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish lessons with great success.



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Going to Italy?

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I’ve mentioned the Fluent in Three Months website on this page before.  I think it’s one of the best foreign language sites on the internet today.


They recently published a very useful guide for those of you who may want to learn some of the Italian language.


500 Core Italian Words for Everyday Conversations (Top 500 Most Used Italian Words)


I find list like these incredibly valuable when traveling to a country where I don’t speak the language.



Fluent in Three Months

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Fluent in Three Months is one of the best language learning site on the web.


Benny makes it a project to move to a different country every few months and learn the language as quickly as possible.  He shares is journey and methods on his blog.


If you haven’t read anything from Benny, I would suggest you start with the following articles.  These are indispensable strategies if you would like to learn another language.

Interview #2 with Tim Ferriss: Intensive Language Learning and the Tim Ferriss Experiment


16 Free Online Italian Language Lessons


The Best Way to Meet People While Travelling (Even if You’re Shy)


25 Typical British Slang Words that Every English Learner Should Know