Shark Attacks?

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I’ve snorkeled and dived with sharks in lots of international locations.  One of my favorite experiences was visiting Shark Ray Alley off the coast of Belize.  Swimming in chummed water with dozens of sharks was incredibly exhilarating.

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I’ve encountered sharks when snorkeling in Mexico and Egypt as well.  My Egyptian shark encounter was seeing a rare Tiger Shark in the Red Sea.  Despite having contact with these creatures, I never really thought about what I might do if one of these beasts attacked me.


That changed with a couple articles I stumbled across last week.  I thought they contained some good information.  If you venture into shark-infested water, you’ll want to check them out.


How To Survive A Shark Attack: Without Losing A Limb



Can You Fight a Shark and Win?



Traveling in Egypt

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All of my readers who are contemplating a trip to Egypt should watch this video.


Egypt Travel Nightmare!! Why I’ll Never Go Back!!



I enjoyed my trip to Egypt 15 years ago.  I wouldn’t be excited about the prospect of traveling there right now.  Lots of folks are reporting similar hassles and significant security concerns.  I agree with the producer of these videos.  Don’t go to Egypt right now.




Middle East Travel Safety

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The Middle East is an area of the world where I haven’t spent a lot of time.  I had a wonderful trip to Jordan in 2019.  I also spent a couple weeks in Egypt way back in 2007.  I would have no qualms about the safety of visiting either of those countries today.

If we go a little farther afield, my expertise is minimal.  Fortunately for you, the folks from the Against the Compass wrote up a compendium of safety information for all of the Middle Eastern countries.


If you are looking to travel there, please check out the article linked below.