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Female Travel Safety Tips

Female Travel Safety Tips 768 1024 Greg Ellifritz

This is quality safety advice for solo female travelers.  Male travelers would benefit by following most of these rules as well.


31 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers from the Experts


Night Hiking

Night Hiking 677 683 Greg Ellifritz

One of my favorite activities to do in foreign countries is to go hiking.  I can’t think of many international trips I’ve taken that didn’t have at least some component of hiking involved.

I really like hiking at night as well, but not many people do it.  In fact, the article below is the first article I’ve ever seen on the topic.


Hiking at Night? Read This First


I will echo the author’s advice about having a good headlamp.  I’ve found it to be essential for traversing wooded areas and when there is little starlight/moonlight in the sky.


Enjoy the article.  I’d encourage you to plan a night hike soon.