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Airport Security

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A look at some of the varied security practices in airports around the world.  Not surprisingly, it concludes that more security doesn’t always keep you safer.


Does More Security at Airports Make Us Safer or Just Move the Targets?


If you are interested in airport security, you may also want to read Seven Ways to Stay Safe in Airports.

Staying Safe in Hostile Environments

Staying Safe in Hostile Environments 1068 678 Greg Ellifritz

An article that provides great advice about how to stay safe during a riot or political unrest in a foreign country.  The tactics are also useful in the event that you stumble into a riot here at home as well.


Staying safe in hostile environments

Dying Abroad?

Dying Abroad? 1024 575 Greg Ellifritz

Have you ever thought about what might happen if you die abroad?  I have to admit that I haven’t thought about it much.  I have no spouse or children.  I honestly don’t care what happens to my body after I die.


If you are more concerned, might I suggest reading the following article?


What happens if I die abroad?


Virtual Kidnapping

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Virtual kidnapping is a growing trend.  Travelers (especially those traveling in Latin America) should understand how the process works and educate family members back home so they don’t get scammed.


The article linked below goes into some of the basics of how virtual kidnappings happen.


Virtual Kidnapping


If you want some additional information on the topic, check out my book.  I have an entire chapter on virtual and express kidnappings.



Valuable Advice

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Check out the article below for some valuable advice about foreign travel.


Don’t be like me: the pitfalls every traveller needs to avoid


Out of all the tips, I think the one about arranging transportation is the most useful.  While I may not pre-book my airport transportation, I always research my options before I find myself mobbed by cab drivers as I walk out of the airport.