New Podcast Interview

New Podcast Interview

New Podcast Interview 1000 522 Greg Ellifritz

If you are interested in travel topics, check out my recent interview with Alex on his Forge of Freedom podcast.



In the show we talk about my travel book Choose Adventure and discuss some travel recommendations you may not see in your Lonely Planet guidebook.


I stopped doing podcasts after I got my cancer diagnosis about four years ago.  Since I put my book out just a couple months after my diagnosis, I haven’t done any travel-related podcasts.  Now that I had surgery for my cancer and am no longer likely to die anytime soon, I’ve started doing podcasts again.  This is the first travel podcast I’ve done.


I’ve done a lot of other podcasts in the past.  I found Alex to be one of the best hosts I’ve experienced.  He had an in-depth outline for how he wanted the interview to go and was extremely well prepared.  I think you’ll enjoy the show.