English Proficiency Index

English Proficiency Index

English Proficiency Index 436 285 Greg Ellifritz

Have you ever wondered how much English the average local speaks in the countries you visit?  This information is available.


The world’s largest ranking of countries and regions by English skills


In my travels, I’ve found that once you drop below #30 (into the moderate proficiency category), it’s actually fairly difficult to find an average person on the street or in a bar who speaks English conversationally.


Many amateur travelers worry about this. You shouldn’t. When two people want to communicate, they can generally make it happen regardless of language barriers. I’ve been to 15 of the countries on the “low” or “very low” proficiency section of the chart and I’ve done fine by learning 20-50 words of the host country language.


Don’t let a lack of language skills impede your travel plans.