Travel Meds

Travel Meds

Travel Meds 150 150 Greg Ellifritz

Although written from a “survival “perspective, this list of medications is ideal for travelers as well.  The list (including his runners up) is pretty much what I carry with me when I travel to remote areas around the world. I also include Augmentin (an antibiotic) that is specifically indicated for animal bite wounds and Doxycycline (another antibiotic) that covers bioweapons, tick borne diseases, and can be pressed into service as an anti-malarial as well.

The only other things missing are an antibiotic for anaerobic infections like giardia and dysentery (metronidazole or tinidiazole) and a muscle relaxer (I carry Flexeril).

But I’m not a doctor so you shouldn’t take this as medical advice. In my personal experience, these drugs have proven to be very useful in remote areas over many years.


What meds would you want in your personal SHTF pharmacy?