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Covid-19 Travel Insurance Options

Covid-19 Travel Insurance Options 750 500 Greg Ellifritz

Many countries are now requiring that arriving passengers now show proof of insurance specifically covering Covid-19.  This is a very thorough article covering many of the available insurance options.


Travel Insurance During Covid-19 What You Need to Know

Martial Arts Vacation?

Martial Arts Vacation? 2560 1912 Greg Ellifritz

Have you ever considered traveling for the sole purpose of learning or practicing a martial art?

I haven’t.  I did take a couple of Capoeira lessons on a trip to Brazil once, but the trip’s purpose wasn’t to do just that.

Capoeira sparring in the street in Paraty, Brazil. The agile capoeira guy is about to eat a roundhouse kick from the bulky, non-agile American.


If I did travel for training, it would be to Thailand to train Muay Thai at the world famous place where the kickboxing art was developed.


I’ve been to Thailand twice now.  On both occasions, I watched the local Muay Thai fights.  It was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone.


World famous Bangkok Thai boxing stadium


Did you know that you can go to Thailand just to train in Thai kickboxing once or twice a day?  Check out the article linked below to find out how to do that.  I may try it after I retire.


Everything You Need to Know About a Muay Thai Holiday in Thailand


Unsure about Muay Thai?  Check out the article History of Muay Thai – Thailand’s 600 Year Old Sport for more details.


I hope this inspires some of you to do some training in Thailand!