Traveling with Pets

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The rules with regards to traveling with your pet as an “emotional service animal” have recently changed.


This article explains everything you need to know about flying with your pets.


Flying With Pets? Read This Guide Before You Book Your Next Trip



Traveling With Pets

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Scott’s Cheap Flights is a website that does a great job publicizing discount airfare.


The site recently came out with a series of articles covering the topics of traveling with pets.  All are worthwhile.  Check them out.

10 Tips for Roadtripping with Pets


The Most Pet-Friendly Airports in the US


A Comprehensive Guide to Flying with Pets in the US


8 Expert Tips for Traveling Internationally with a Pet




Do You Travel With Your Dog?

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If any of you regularly travel with your furry family members, this article may be useful for you.


Apps For Dogs When You Travel


The author links to three very useful travel apps for dog owners.  If you have a K-9 companion, check them out.