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Imodium for Travel

Imodium for Travel 259 478 Greg Ellifritz

Read a little about Loperamide.


Imodium’s Survival Applications: What It Is & Why Carry It Everywhere


Imodium (or generic Loperamide) is an essential drug to stockpile for both travel and survival purposes.  In addition to the reasons mentioned in the article, in any survival situation the chance of consuming bad food and water increases.  You don’t want to be disabled from the resulting diarrhea.


One caution…


There are a couple of cases where you SHOULD NOT use Imodium to control your diarrhea.  If you have bloody diarrhea or diarrhea with fever, it’s best to let it run its course.  You can make your illness worse by “stopping things up” under these conditions.


One more interesting point….


Besides controlling diarrhea, Modicum can help people suffering withdrawal symptoms from opiate drugs.  A lot of people in this country are hooked on narcotic pain meds.  The withdrawal symptoms from not taking those meds in a survival situation would be horrible.  Although Imodium doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier (and get you high), it does have a weak effect at the opiate receptors and might reduce some of the physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal.  This article explains some of the details.