Health Insurance for Long Term Travelers

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As we are in the middle of a global pandemic, health insurance for expats and remote workers is pretty important.  Paying cash at a local clinic for strep throat treatment is a very different event than a multi-week Covid-19 hospital stay.


The article below explains some of the best options for travel health insurance.  For what it’s worth, I’m spending part of the winter in Mexico right now.  I booked my insurance with Safety Wing.


New! Global Freelancer Health Insurance for Self Employed and Remote Workers





Long Term Travel Insurance Policies

Long Term Travel Insurance Policies 780 520 Greg Ellifritz

I’ve written about travel insurance policies in the past.  Many of the short term trip insurance policies become very expensive if you are staying long term or actually living in a foreign country.


Check out the link below to find some less expensive plans for long term travelers.


5 BEST Digital Nomad Health Insurance Plans for Long-Term Travel (2020)

Covid-19 Travel Insurance Options

Covid-19 Travel Insurance Options 750 500 Greg Ellifritz

Many countries are now requiring that arriving passengers now show proof of insurance specifically covering Covid-19.  This is a very thorough article covering many of the available insurance options.


Travel Insurance During Covid-19 What You Need to Know