Foreign Food Etiquette

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Don’t make a culinary faux pas.  Read the article below to learn about how dining customs vary across cultures.


An International guide to food and eating etiquette


Weird Foods

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One of the things I enjoy the most about traveling is trying new foods.  Over the years, I’ve eaten some adventurous things.

Eating fried caterpillars in Zimbabwe


Freshly caught piranha in Brazil


Stuffed rabbit in Cuba


Grilled guinea pig in Ecuador


How adventurous of an eater are you when you travel?  Check out the list below and start counting!


Weird Food Bucket List: 60 Strange Foods From Around the World


For what it’s worth, I’ve eaten 20 of the 60 foods.  So much more good stuff to try!


If you want to eat adventurously, but worry about dying, I have a whole chapter in my book that explains how to eat and drink safely in a foreign country.



The absolute worst food I’ve ever eaten. Duck blood soup (served over raw pig lungs) in Vietnam


“Street Meat”

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Most guidebooks will instruct you to “never eat street food.”


That’s bullshit.  Street food is often the safest option for travelers.  It’s prepared fresh and is still hot.  It hasn’t sat overnight on a rat and cockroach infested counter in a restaurant kitchen waiting to be rewarmed in a microwave.  Besides that.  It’s delicious.  Just look at all of these amazing street foods at the link below:


Best Street Food Around the World: 50 Favorite Street Food Dishes


I’ve eaten most of the foods listed for the countries I’ve visited and have not yet gotten sick from any “street meat.”.


Look for a vendor who is cooking the food in front of you and a long line of locals.  If you do that, you’ll likely be fine.


If you want some more information on street dining, pick up a copy of my book or check out the links below.


How to Eat Street Food Anywhere in the World Without Getting Sick







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