Land Mines?

Land Mines? 750 490 Greg Ellifritz

I’ll be honest.  I’ve traveled all over the world and I haven’t thought too much about encountering land mines.  I mentioned them in a couple places in my book Choose Adventure, but they generally aren’t on the top of my list for safety concerns.



I recently read some articles that made me more aware of the problem, especially in Eastern Europe and South East Asia.


Landmines: War’s Lingering Menace

40,000 people have been killed or injured by land mines in Vietnam since the Vietnam War ended.  The US State Department estimates that 50-75 MILLION land mines remain unexploded in the world.


Are the Landmines in Myanmar a Real Threat For Tourists?

Syria and Myanmar are the only countries still actively laying landmines.  Over 400 people a year are killed by mines in Myanmar including tourists.


What You Should Know About Landmines in Cambodia

Red landmine warning sign in Angkor, Cambodia. Skull and crossbones with “Danger!!” and “Mines!!”.

An average of about 75 people a year are killed by mines in Cambodia.


Minefield Warnings Issued to Hundreds of Refugees in Croatia

Croatia has more than 50,000 remaining mines, killing about 10 people a year.


So what should travelers do?  I think some simple awareness is probably the best option.  Know if there are mines in the area where you are traveling and be cautious if there are.  I found the article linked below to be a useful summary on mine detection and avoidance.


Field Lessons For Detecting and Avoiding Mines – Counter Mine Operations