Manners and Situational Awareness

Manners and Situational Awareness 768 386 Greg Ellifritz

If you want to enjoy your travel experiences, it’s important not to offend your hosts either on purpose or through ignorance.  It’s also important to understand that not everyone in your chosen destination will be friendly to foreign travelers.

The article below offers some excellent tips that may help you avoid problems in other countries when you are traveling.

Travelling Abroad: Mind Your Manners While Staying Alert


These are good tips to help keep you from getting your head bashed in when traveling.


The “educational beatdown” is still a part of many cultures.  “10 Unique Etiquette Tips To Use Around the World” is a useful read as well.




Foreign Food Etiquette

Foreign Food Etiquette 1280 700 Greg Ellifritz

Don’t make a culinary faux pas.  Read the article below to learn about how dining customs vary across cultures.


An International guide to food and eating etiquette