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Travel Dangers

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I discuss this issue at length in my travel safety book.  If you die overseas, it won’t be from a terrorist bullet or an infectious disease.  It will most likely be the result of a car crash.  This article does a great job explaining the difference between the theoretical risks you envision and the actual risks you take when you travel in the developing world.


International Travel’s Biggest Risks



Advanced Bleeding Control

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Many of my readers regularly carry tourniquets and other more advanced medical devices on their person or in their car when in the USA.  But a lot of those folks leave their kits at home when they travel.  Folks are worried about having bags too heavy or are concerned about the potential legality of some medical equipment in other countries.

Can you control a femoral artery bleed when traveling without your medical kit?   Here are some great tips


“SUMMARY: Putting your knee in a casualty’s groin can eliminate common femoral artery blood flow. The key is to place your knee gently in the groin crease, putting too much body weight into your knee will be painful to the casualty, and they will not remain underneath it.”


Can’t I just kneel on his groin?