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Travel Inspiration for a New Year

Travel Inspiration for a New Year 1000 667 Greg Ellifritz

I’d like to start the year with some informative inspiration.  I find quotes to be incredibly motivating.  Here are some very powerful words of wisdom to consider in the new year.


The 77 most inspirational travel quotes ever penned


My favorite is the quite simple, but profound advice from the Dalai Lama:

21. “Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before.”
The Dalai Lama


If everyone would follow that advice, most people would be far more happy.


I wish you all the best in 2021.



Best US Hiking Trails?

Best US Hiking Trails? 1000 667 Greg Ellifritz

I’ve long enjoyed hiking.  I’m getting reacquainted with longer hikes now that I’m retired and have more time.  I’ve been averaging hiking about 25 miles a week so long as the weather cooperates.


I regularly use the AllTrails app on my phone to suggest good nearby trails.


The App owners tallied the ratings on all of the trails in their system and listed the favorite trails by each state.  Check out the article below.

Best hiking trails in every US state


All of the listed trails in my home state (Ohio) are more than a two-hour drive away from me.  I haven’t hiked any of them.  I wonder if there is a location bias.  All of the Ohio trails are near a large population center (Cleveland/Akron).  More people probably means more ratings.

I would guess that some of the remote trails in SE Ohio that get less traffic may even be better experiences than the listed trails.