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All About Malaria

All About Malaria 768 574 Greg Ellifritz

If you travel in the developing world, you’ll want to understand how to avoid, diagnose, and treat malaria. Having acquired malaria on a trip to Colombia a while back, I can tell you that preventing the infection is far preferable to being treated in a rural medical clinic.  Here are some resources to check out.


Mega Malaria Extravaganza

Malaria Prevention Guidance from the UK


Antimalarial medications





Travel Motion Sickness?

Travel Motion Sickness? 460 650 Greg Ellifritz

Nausea and vomiting are medical conditions I see more often than anything else in my third world travels.


My go-to treatment has always been Ondansetron, but it’s prescription only here in the States.


There may be a quicker option than anti-nausea meds that doesn’t require any prescription.  Who knew about this alternate use for the simple alcohol prep pad?  A very neat trick for those interested in austere medical issues.


Trick of the Trade: Isopropyl Alcohol Vapor Inhalation for Nausea and Vomiting



Environmental Medicine

Environmental Medicine 200 181 Greg Ellifritz

Interested in a summary of the best practices for practicing environmental medicine? Those skills are important when you are spending time outside in austere environments.

Here’s a link to papers covering best practice medical treatments for heat injuries, hypothermia, and altitude illness.  This is really good knowledge to have.


AIR Series: Environmental Module