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Cheap Airport Parking?

Cheap Airport Parking? 696 464 Greg Ellifritz

Despite the ease of availability of ride sharing apps and taxis, I prefer to drive to the airport and park there.


I’m worried that the Uber or taxi driver will see my luggage, combine that with my airport destination and come to the conclusion that my house is going to be empty for a while.  I think it exposes me to an unnecessary risk of burglary.


When I travel internationally, I do not carry a gun.  Especially in our contentious times, I may want a gun immediately available upon my return home.  I keep a spare pistol locked in a lockbox which is securely attached to a structural component of the car.  If I need to “gun up” immediately upon landing, I can do so.  I can’t do that if I call an Uber.  DO NOT LEAVE AN UNSECURED GUN IN YOUR PARKED VEHICLE!


For $20 you can keep your gun out of a criminal’s hands


So I usually drive myself to the airport.  Finding cheap parking for long vacations can be challenging.  The website 10X Travel recently provided some information that will help find the cheapest parking option at every airport.  Check it out at the article below.



8 Websites That Help You Find Airport Parking for Cheap