Do you get anxiety when you think about traveling to a foreign country? Do you want to see the world and have epic adventures while simultaneously avoiding the risk of death or dismemberment? If you want to do dangerous things in a safe manner, this book is for you.

Career police officer and veteran traveler Greg Ellifritz has written the definitive guide to safe travel in dangerous places. No matter whether you are traveling internationally or to one of the more dangerous cities in the USA, this book will provide you with quality tips that will make your travel adventure much safer and more enjoyable. The book covers topics like:-Hotel room safety-Assessing neighborhood risk factors and local security issues-Navigating public transportation in foreign cities-Avoiding common travel scams -Pickpocket prevention strategies-Foreign money and banking Issues-Safe eating and drinking guidelines for foreign countries-Minimizing language translation issues in addition to providing solutions for some of the common daily struggles international travelers face, this book also discusses less common but more hazardous situations such as:-Preparing for third-world natural disasters-Escape from terrorist attacks and bombing incidents-Hostage survival-Medical issues and treatments in the developing world-Identifying indicators of criminal behavior-Discreet travel weapons-Dealing with bribes and corrupt police officers-Abduction attempts, “Express kidnappings,” and “Virtual kidnappings”The book contains useful travel guidelines, valuable checklists and a massive number of additional travel resource suggestions.

Many books of this genre are written for either professional business travelers with unlimited corporate budgets or for international espionage agents. I realize that most of my readers won’t have the resources to hire a bodyguards or a protection detail for their family vacations. I also know that adventure travelers don’t need to understand counter surveillance operations or how to communicate in a clandestine manner. Other travel books cover those topics.

Choose Adventure provides simple and practical tips for the everyday traveler who wants to have fun in the developing world while reducing the chances of being victimized, injured, or killed. The book supplies all the information you need to safely navigate the complex issues of international travel while enjoying yourself in the process.