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Gun Laws in Other Countries

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A lot of Americans think that no one can own guns in other countries. It’s simply not true. There are nearly 40 countries that have some type of “must issue” permit system or constitutional protections allowing legal residents and citizens to own firearms. In most of these countries, it’s difficult or impossible to get a concealed carry permit, but having a home defense weapon isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Check out this list on Wikipedia for more details.

Overview of gun laws by nation


When Will the World Open Up?

When Will the World Open Up? 956 444 Greg Ellifritz

I know I am itching to travel outside the USA and I bet many of my readers are in the same boat.  Much of the world is still shut down.  What countries are opening soon and what travel restrictions do those destinations have?


I’ve compiled some references for you to help you plan your next trip.  Take a look at the following links:


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This Map Shows Which Countries Are Reopening to Tourists

Good Luck!  I hope you find a fun travel destination soon!